Pittsburgh Gifts - 24 Wrapped Black and Gold Mini Smiley Cookies




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Perfect Party Favor

Eat n Park is my family's second kitchen and my soon-to-be one year old loves getting a cookie (which mommy and daddy eat most of) at the end of our meals. For his black and gold first birthday party, I ordered the mini black and gold smiley cookies to use as favors. I had a coupon for 20 percent off and the cookies arrived in two days!


The kids love getting these cookies!

I purchased them for my daughter who is away at college and not feeling well - it was a great pick-me-up for her!

Florida Fan

Great way to celebrate The Burgh from far away!

The smiley cookies are always delicious and with the black and gold icing, a great way to celebrate being a fan. I share them with my co-workers who are also from Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Girl

Great Idea!

This is such a great idea! I live in Pittsburgh and send these to Steeler fans that live in other states now, they LOVE it! The only negative comment I have is the order took a while to get there. But they loved the Steeler Cookies!


Great, as usual....

My family in Hawaii attended the ProBowl activities this past weekend, accompanied by the box of Mini-smileys that I sent to them.... They only had to show one of these little treats to a fan in a Steeler's shirt and would get quite a reaction... They said that passing out cookies was as fun as the game.... Thanks, Smiley!!!!

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