Halloween Treats for Trick Or Treaters - 160 Wrapped Mini Halloween Cookies




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Missed Halloween!

This was my second box of 160 wrapped cookies because we ate too many and gave too many out at soccer games, so I had to order more for Trick or Treat night. However, Hurricane Sandy decided to interrupt Halloween this year and she dumped a lot of snow where I live (outside of Elkins, WV for those who watch weather channels). So, we ended up giving some to the linemen repairing the electric lines! (Do you make a cookie for that...lol!) The rest of the cookies will be gone before Thanksgiving though, since they are so delicious!


Whoop Whoop!

I purchased these cookies to hand out as Halloween treats. The little "monsters" went wild. "She has cookies."



I bought these for my trick-or-treaters, and also because my nearest Eat'n'Park is over 2 hours away, and Smiley Cookies are my favorite. These arrived fast and tasted delicious. I think that once my trick-or-treaters have their Smiley Cookies I put in their bags, they'll be as "woo-hoo!!!" as I am over them!


Cute Nut Free Halloween Treats

I gave these out for Halloween and we ran out! Maybe because I had to eat a bunch! My son's best friend has a serious peanut allergy so having nut free Halloween treats everyone could enjoy was so fun! Thanks!