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Get Well

Fantastic taste, but pricy

I purchased these cookies for my mother as a get-well gift. They really satisfied her sweet tooth. The quality and taste were extraordinary. Being individually wrapped is a plus. However, despite the fact that I had a Groupon, the price was steep. Also, these "cookies" were pure chocolate. That was great, but not explained in the description. I thought I was sending chocolate cookies.


perfect for a pittsburgh foodie!

So cute, and anyone who grew up with these PA classics will LOVE them! I gave these to my sister as a gift, and she was tickled with them!


What a surprise - - I must read more carefully...

I was so excited to see Chocolate Smileys on your site - - and when I discovered that Sarris Chocolates were involved, I was even MORE excited... I was surprised, however, to discover that what I expected to be chocolate cookies with Sarris Chocolate used as the frosting/trim of the cookies, were wonderful solid chocolate Smileys!!!!! They were delightful and we all gobbled them down - they conveniently are grouped in packages of 6, so they are a perfect fit for our family.... Now I will keep checking your web site to see if you will be coming out with chocolate cookies with Sarris smiles... Think about it!!!!!



No candy can compare to these! They melt in your mouth.

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