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Get Well

Excellent happiness gift, but pricey

I purchased these cookies for my mother as a get-well gift. They really satisfied her sweet tooth. The quality and taste were extraordinary. The dark chocolate was smooth and not bitter. Being individually wrapped is a plus. However, despite the fact that I had a Groupon, the price was steep. Also, these "cookies" were pure chocolate. That was great, but not explained in the description. I thought I was sending chocolate cookies.


Very good, but...

I thought the flavors were very good, except that when the product was shipped, my area was under a 100+ degree heat wave. I would have wished the cookies didn't melt so easily, but the goo was good.


The Best!

These are absolutely delicious! A little prices but they and the milk chocolate melt in your mouth. This particular candy maker is one I grew up with in Pittsburgh (White Oak, Pa). We have long since moved away (still STEELER Fans, however) and even though my children haven't been there, even they say these candies are THEE BEST!


yum cookie

i love that cookie but its not color full

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