I Take Mine Black & Gold Coffee Mug for Pittsburgh Fans




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I took mine Black and Gold

Perfect for any Steelers fan. Love it, used everyday. Here we go Steelers!


Great mug!!!

I love this mug. My boyfriend like it and I had to order one for him too. His team is Black and Gold (VCU) so he had ti borrow from Steeler Nation!! LOL!


Great Mug! had to order one for Boyfriend

Great mug for a Black and Gold Girl. I had to order one for my boyfriend. He's a Black and Gold Fan (Virginia Commonwealth Universtiy's colors are Black and Gold) so he had to get this one from Steeler Nation. :-)


great in 08 & even greater tasting now

I last tasted these type of cookies in 2008 when the Steelers' won the Superbowl , they tasted great then and I am sure they taste even greater now!


My favorite

When we were moving to Arizona, I bought two of these mugs so we could kind of take Pittsburgh with us. These mugs are my favorite. I am sad to say, after 17 months, my mug broke. It was still my favorite and I have already enlisted my mother to send me a new one...but do be careful not to accidentally bump into the wall or your mug handle will shatter. My coffee just isn't the same....I hope to replace it soon!

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