Great Cookies

My Colorado friends (relocated Pittsburghers) LOVED the Smiley cookies I sent. They even took some to the game. Too bad our Steelers lost :-(, but I got many kudos for the yummy cookies. Hooray for free shipping!!


Cookies are awesome! In all ways possible.

I received these cookies with a packagaing defect (not fully vacuum sealed). It was easy to contact and explain my concerns. They sent me a replacement. The replacement cookies tasted great. I just love the frosting. And I'm really happy that I can freeze these cookies for later cause there are way too many Christmas treats I had to finish before letting them go to way. I expect the frozen ones to be perfect when I have a hankering.



The cookies were sent to a college student and it was a huge hit! They were "a little taste of home"!!

Seminary Girl

Great Birthday Happy

I sent these to my daughter for her birthday and they arrived on time! Plus she said they were tasty! Yea for birthday cookies from Mom when your daughter is far from home!


Good quality

The cookies were delivered on a Thursday and we served them on Sunday - were fresh and delicious! Will order them again!


Made them smile!

While my 86 yr old father may not necessarily be a Steelers fan, he has been a fan of the classic yellow and black smiley face since the 70's. These cookies were a perfect gift for him, and my parents even loved the box they came in. It made them smile, and in the end, that was most important. I had made a mistake on my order regarding the address, and when I found out, it was a Sunday. Surprisingly, and wonderfully, I was able to get a hold of someone who fixed the address and made my day. Thank you so much!


Great Choice!

We LOVED these black and gold smiley cookies. We used them to include in a gift bag for guests at our wedding :) I would recommend to anyone!


Recieved from Family

Oh how we miss Smiley cookies in CT.. Our Family sent us 2 dozen of these delicious cookies to Celebrate the Steelers in the SuperBowl..


Just In Time For The Super Bowl!!

Just got our shipment here in Atlanta, GA. Big Super Bowl party planned for Sunday and this is just the ticket! YUMMM!! Thanks Mom and Dad! Great gift!



The cookies were soooo good!



Nothing better than Eat n Park Smiley face cookies



Received promptly and were fresh and delicious! Go Steelers!!!

Go Steelers

Great cookies

Bought the cookies for a Baltimore Ravens fan, in the note told her if you can't beat them Eat them... she loved the Steeler cookies,,,

Lisa in Butler

Fast and Fresh

My sister lives in Baltimore but is still a big Steelers Fan. How fun to send her the Steelers Smiley Cookies before the playoff game with the Ravens. The cookies were fresh and arrived in less than 48 hrs after I placed the order. She loved it!

Black and Gold

you can take the girl out of the 'burgh....

...but you can't take love for Smiley Cookies out of the girl! LOVE these cookies, and being able to get them in Pittsburgh team colors is extra good. Here we go, Steelers, here we go -- seven is a lucky number! If you or someone you know is a member of Steeler Nation, order these terrific cookies for you -- AND them!


glad i got em

loved the cookies, which I had shipped to my inlaws, western PA refugees wintering in FL. The shipment arrived quickly, a big plus. The cookies are a little pricey, but they are good.


Wildly popular here in D.C.

Friends here in D.C. demand Smiley cookies whenever I travel to the 'burgh and at other times of year too. The team colors are a bonus. Go Steelers!


Excellent product

Well shipped...arrived in perfect condition. Yummy cookies


Very good

Had the cookies sent across country to Seattle. The price is reasonable, it's the shipping and handling that killed me. But had to have my Steeler cookies



Price is right, service is spectacular, this is the perfect gift if you want to brighten someone's day. I can't say enough about it!

Mom of a Steeler Fan

Going to San Antonio

Daughter is a Steeler Fan and has converted her husband to the Black and Gold and her co-workers on post to smiley cookies. These cookies will make everybody happy, thank you. She was here for a visit and went home with smiley cookies and a "I take mine Black and Gold" mug. She still has the mug, but the cookies were gone in 60 seconds!


I plan buying cookies each month

Steeler, Pirate & Valentine cookies sent to grandson(Marine)in Afghanistan. He emailed, he & his friends literally inhaled the cookies and so happy to receive a goodie. Many in his unit are Steeler fans, but do not hail from the Pittsburgh area. Grandson looking forward to next month! St. Patrick's Day Cookies?

Mom That Loves Smiley

Quite the birthday hit at school!!

We live in NC and always look forward to the special treat of Smiley cookies when we make a trip to Pittsburgh. For their birthday, my elementary school aged children loved that they could design their own cookies with colors of their choosing to share with their classmates. Let me say, they were quite the hit in the cafeteria and there wasn't a crumb left!! [...].. they were perfect!! I highly recommend!!


Sent to a Ravens' fan

Sent them to a friend in Baltimore after beating the Ravens...he thought it was a great idea (even though he HATED losing!).


Unique and Good Cookies!

Sent to Friends in Florida. They loved them. They are avid Steeler Fans.


Show 'Em Where You're From

Sent these to my daughter who lives in NYC. She took them to a party where she was the only Steeler fan! Everyone loved them and knew where she was from!


My kids love them!

The cookies were bought for my son to take to school for his birthday treat.



Got these for my husband who is from Pittsburgh....we celebrated the Steelers Monday Night win with these cookies!


Pump you up cookies!

I send the cookies out to Utah where my kids live. I like being able to send the Steeler and Penquins colors along with design your own for those who are not Pittsburgh fans!

steeler fan


My son is a steeler fan, he is a teacher in Delaware. I sent the Steeler cookies to his class for his birthday.


A Taste of Pittsburgh

I sent these to my husband who is serving a 12 month tour in Iraq. Him and his fellow soldiers truely enjoyed a little taste of a Pittsburgh staple. He was thrilled to receive them and I know it made his day. [...]Couldn't be more satisfied. :)


Steeler cookies = A winner!!

Steeler smiley cookies are a great way to keep in touch with family who are living away from Pittsburgh, but still are "#1 fans". The cookies always arrive fresh, and son said he can tell they were just made before they were sent. I told him I wanted him to have the cookies for Sunday's game. "Mom", he said, "the cookies came on Friday.....they will never last till Sunday...we ate them all!!"

Smiley Miley

Steeler's make me smile!

The bestest cookies in the whole wide world

Aunt Black and Gold Sandi

Steeler Fan Eats Smileys on Bengal Turf

My niece had a hard time moving from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati since she is a Steeler fan. When the Steelers play the Bengals, I always try to cushion the pain by sending her Eat N Park Steeler smilies--that always makes her smile.

That's How You Be Great

Go Steelers

These Cookies were a great hit at our tailgate party on Sunday!!!! GO STEELERS!!!

Cookie Monster


The Steeler cookies are a great way to taunt friends/fans of opposing teams.


Perfect Gift for a Steeler Fan

If there is a Steeler Fan in your life, this gift is perfect. It is affordable and thoughtful.

Pap Pap Post

Grrrrreat Grandpap

The cookies are a great way to stay in touch withmy grandchildren as they do not live near me.Also, to send to them something so fun, tasty, and with a meaning..The Steeler Season Opener!!They (and their Mom and Dad, too) had so much funreceiving a package in the mail and then opening it to find such a meaningful and fun treat!


Go Steelers!!!!

I ship cookies as far as Alaska to get a touch of Pittsburgh to my family. They are always so excited to get the box. The hard part seems to be in making sure that there are still cookies for the actual game!!!! The cookies are always greatly appriciated by all!

Steelers in B-more


My friends sent Smiley cookies to me during the Steelers Playoffs. I live in Baltimore now, but I will always support my black and gold and this made my celebration sweeter!


Nice treat for ex-Pittsburghers

Got some black and gold cookies the other day from my father in Pittsburgh for the kick-off of the Steeler football season. [...]


A touch of home....

I ordered these during the Superbowl for my brother and 2 friends (and some for us too!) - all ex-Pittsburghers. They were all so excited to receive them. I also took some into work and they were a huge hit even with non-Pittsburghers. It's amazing how much joy a cookie can bring! It is truly a taste of home!

SteelerFan Trapped in Northern Virginia


Great [...]


"Gotta love the BLACK and GOLD"

I'm born and raised in the burg. I send them to my daughter in VA. She is a huge STEELER and PENGUIN fan, also send to a friend here in CO. She is from PA. It's great to be able to have things from back home.

Favorite Aunt

Superbowl Champs

nephew who is in training with Marines, loved receiving the Steeler cookies (black n Gold) and his friends were jealous. Even got mention on his "facebook". He didnt get them right away and he said they were still fresh and none were broken.

Beth DeeGee

Awesome Gifts!

Since I have not lived in the Pittsburgh area for over 12 years, having the opportunity to purchase Smiley Cookies online for my family, as well as for gifts has been great! Thank you!


Good Luck Pens

These cookies were sent for the Penquin playoffs. Wish you would have had something with that theme but you didn't. They were still appreciated but would have been much, much cuter to have Penquin cookies.


Eat n Park shop at home saves the day!

Easy to send and great tasting always liked by everyone. Had to send some to Reno when friend got on plane and forgot the smiley's first thing the kids said Uncle T where's the smiley cookies. called me at midnight and I ordered them right away. Lifesaver they got there before he left to come back home to Pa


As fresh and good as buying in the store

Fresh good quality used as a birthday gift used as a mothers day gift


Just like mom's

I grew up in Greentree and have fond memories of Eat and Park and so when I would return home with my own family my mom always took the grand kids to eat there and so they love getting the cookies as they remember her and the good times


Great Cookies

We had approximately 30 people come to visit our place of business and attend a business management seminar that we hosted. The guests were from all over the U.S. We made up gift bags with Pittsburgh themed snacks, drinks, and memorabilia. The "Steeler" Cookies were an excellent touch for which we received many great compliments!

Red Wings Fan

Delicious, if crumbly

I've stopped at Eat 'n Park many times on trips east, and for the past two years, I've placed Stanley Cup Playoffs bets with my Pittsburgh friends using Smiley Cookies as the payoff. So far we're tied, and we hope there will be a tiebreaker in 2010. Smiley Cookies always taste great and who can resist a red and white Smiley (or a black and gold one)? The only problem is that Smileys do not come individually wrapped, only in a hard plastic sheath, and so they tend to crumble in shipping. Of course, anybody will eat a broken Smiley, but it would be great if you could come up with packaging that keeps them a little more intact.


hmmmmmmmmmm good! a part of the burgh!



Perfect colors for the pre season games.

My sister and brother in-law both visit Pittsburgh as often as possible. We all love going to EAT N' Park when they come to visit. They live in Iowa. So every once and awhile I send them cookies to remind them of Pittsburgh.